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Meet your Personal Trainers

Say hello to your team of Personal Trainers...!



Tim has a passion to change people's lives! Tim offers effective motivating training methods to achieve every client's goals, incorporating Plyometric, Core Stability and Advanced Functional exercises into various routines of fitness.

The tempo and style is always fresh, exciting, fun and enjoyable whilst still pushing the limits.

Tim also provides guidance to help maximise your results through corrective nutrition and eating habits, along with applying effective lifestyle changes allowing you to become more active.


Spin, Circuits, Boxercise, Circuit Boost



Bobbi-Joe Edwards

As a Former boxer Bobbi-Joe is used to hard work and discipline. With almost 20 years experience in the fitness industry, 15 years working as a Personal Coach (Register of Exercises Professionals UK, Level 3) Bobbi-Joe uses proven training techniques for all fitness levels.   This does not tell the whole story though; Bobbi Jo also focuses on providing his brand of coaching that benefits numerous women’s group across the local area.

His Daily Telegraph award for "The Most Enthusiastic Trainer" Award, underlines Bobbi-Joe’s passion for helping his clients improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through good training and healthy eating.  So, if you think you can't, Bobbi-Joe says you can!


Boxing Circuits, Circuits, Boxercise, NGroove 'N' Move, Boxing Stress Buster Feature Class



Nigel Wilkes

Nigel is a hugely enthusiastic fitness professional with over 10 years experience within a fitness club environment and over 30 years in Boxing. 

Whether it’s working with you on a one to one basis or whilst taking part in one of Nigel’s exercise classes; you’ll be hugely impressed with how his incredible energy and spirit makes you forget how hard you are working….simply because you are having so much fun! 

Nigel’s ability to make everyone feel at ease and his commitment to providing a supportive and motivational service makes him popular with a wide range of members.


Legs Bums & Tums, Circuits, Core Stability, Box to Spin Feature Class, Boxing Boot Camp Feature Class.


Shane Lee


Shane’s passion for health and fitness is underpinned by his experience, predominantly gained during the five years he devoted to serving in the British Army.   Shane loves working closely with his clients; thus enabling them to achieve their specific personal goals. 

Therefore, Shane’s experience and knowledge, particularly in relation to understanding clients’ desire to tone up, to become more flexible and mobile as well as managing their weight more effectively has made him very popular.  Shane is also focused on helping his clients to increase their endurance, speed and performance.

Shane's vision is to inspire people to change their lives and their perceptions towards being more physically active and healthy.


Spin, Circuits, Boot Camp Insanity Feature Class


Scott Page


Scott’s talents go far beyond that of an astute Gym operator. He is also a YMCA Level 3 qualified Personal Coach.

Therefore, by employing a wide range of techniques and equipment including the outstanding Power Plate, Scott will calmly guide his clients towards improved general fitness, muscle tone and overall strength levels.


Krissi Bingham

Krissi has crammed so much into her career so far.

Her motivation?  Originally, it was a simply a commitment to trim down from a size 14.  Since making that life changing decision, Krissy has supported local men and
women to improve their health. Whether it is dropping a dress size or two
or building muscle tone, Krissy's personable approach is certainly providing
her clients with impressive results.

Krissi's talents extend far beyond Personal Coaching; she is also a
qualified sports & swedish massage therapist and group exercise class


Kettlebells, Spin Group Cycling, Hang Time, Metro Bolt, Zumba Taster and coming soon......Metro Pump.



Matt Phillips


I am passionate about health, fitness and taking part in sport. I started playing team sports when I was 5, playing rugby union and basketball for local teams. I also enjoy running and athletics.

I have just taken part in my first 10k run and I hope to run my first marathon next year.

My personal training aim is to offer a personal, flexible and friendly approach. I plan my sessions so they are challenging, fun and varied. This helps to keep my client’s motivated and enthusiastic.

I aim to help all my clients achieve success by showing them how to accomplish their personal fitness goals.




Billy Aldean

Billy has quickly established himself as a very popular member of the coaching team at Metro Fitness. Whether it’s taking part in one of his Classes or when having him design you a workout programme; you cannot fail to appreciate how thorough Billy is in his approach to ensuring that you benefit from the time spent together.

You will also notice how Billy’s calming personality shines through. Billy clearly enjoys all things, healthy, however, his particular interest in weight management is a primary motivator; whether it’s working with a client to lose or perhaps even gain weight.
So, if you’re new to exercising or have trained for years, Billy will certainly open your eyes to achieving a level of wellbeing that goes far beyond what you may have initially thought you could achieve.







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